FOR THE SAKE OF BREAD by Sebastian Tom

At times we fight for pieces of bread,

Just because of a piece of cake we bleed each other,

Driven by greed we plant the seeds of hate,

Placing ourselves in the arms fate,

Yet, we are the seeds of faith; the sons of Abraham.

Like a shrub in the desert we have become,

Hard to see any good come,

Coz we have made flesh our arm,

Our actions have become,

A curse to our treasure stores.

As we embrace our flaws,

We keep on falling lifeless in the valley of dry bones,

Chained by the fear of man in exchange for fame in return.

It’s a dead end drive, blinded by the desire for fun,

No one is willing to learn,

Or have a teachable spirit the bible mentions,

But it seems like it is only in the class of regrets,

That we understand lessons.

We have placed ourselves in corners,

We are not supposed to fit,

Only to realize when we are helpless,

And we are feeling the squeeze,

We all have become like Gardeners,

Cultivating the flesh but still,

Anticipating the harvest that comes by the spirit.

I heard that wisdom is calling out in the street,

At the gate entry of the city,

But why are we still living in a twist,

Making a fool of ourselves.
For the sake of bread we bend our knees,

Though our hearts are freezing cold,

For the comfort of our stomachs we are still standing bold,

Surviving the stench of trash,

For the sake of cash see!

We are adorned in the garments of slavery.

How can it be, yet the bible confirms my identity is royalty!!


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