Are there days in your life you feel worthless and insignificant? Are there moments you feel you are an underdog? What about those days you fear to step out of your warm cozy bed? .Do you at times think that you have made many blunders and feel like God is drained of forgiving you? Have you failed dreadfully at your business or your daily endeavors? Well the list is endless and I wanna let you know that you are not alone. Me too. I have been there.

See, when I gave my life to Christ, as many of you may concur with this, I thought my life would flow effortlessly, no more exertions with the flesh, no more sicknesses, no more enemies, I kinda had an idea of paradise on earth. I knew that Jesus would be Lord over my life but what I didn’t know was that I would be still on earth, the annoying people (sorry to say so) around me would not disappear, struggles will not evaporate. Yes, I have made terrible decisions in my life, and yes, I was still saved.


My point is not to array my flaws in this platform but I want you to know that whatever you have gone through, regardless of your health condition God is still with you. As hard as it may be to believe that, it is the plain truth. However, we, especially the Christians, have heard these phrases, {that God is with us, you are not alone, God still loves you no matter what} over and over again and we have become used to them, we have made them powerless. Others are just tired of trusting on God who; to them seems very far away. This is the sad reality friends. What we need to do at these moments when our hope is fading is to look back. Many times when I find myself at this point of despair, I look back. Well, the Lord may not have done everything that I would have wanted Him to do but for sure He has done something, however small it may be. Remember David, he referred to his past conquests when everyone was giving up and the Lord came through for Him in a mighty way.


The devil, through our thoughts always has found ways to weigh us down. He most often reminds us of our former slip-ups and disappointments. He tries to stuff our minds with a million reasons why we can’t make it. The motivational speakers will tell you, that’s negative thinking but I call it the devil’s device to make you a loser when Jesus has declared you a star. Most often, when we are bombarded with these thoughts, we lose hope and direction in life. Our lives on earth become meaningless. The big question today is how to get ourselves from these wasteful thoughts about ourselves?


One time I made up my mind to do the opposite of what my flesh told me to do. It may sound bizarre but it worked. So when mornings came and my flesh told me to keep enjoying the warm blankets, I would do the opposite and wake up, when I would be tempted to push a deadline, I would open my laptop and get my hands to work, when I would desire to watch a movie when it’s time to fellowship with God, I would grab the bible instead, even right now as I write this article, it’s actually 49 minutes past midnight, and there was a huge temptation to slid into the blankets and sleep. To be sincere, I wanted to postpone the writing which would, most probably mean no writing and that means you wouldn’t be reading this piece. Well you may find this a bit strange coz am a Christian and the grace of God is abundant, I am not saying that I don’t rely on His grace, but these bodies of ours, the flesh, these vessels that God gave us, they need a slight pushing or a lot of pushing if you may.


My final word is that, you and I should make sure that we achieve 90% if not 100% of what we were called to do here on earth before our time under the sun is up. They say that the richest place you can ever be is the grave yard cause people die with unexploited potentials and with untapped gifts but as for me, by the grace of God, I want my grave to be the poorest place, I want to die empty when my right time comes, I want to leave a mark on earth, I want to exploit every gift and every potential in me to the fullest, well, I don’t know about you but I am not quitting, am not through, God is not done with me and neither is He with you. No quitting. Stay blessed.



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