Happy new year!!! We are already almost halfway through January. Can you believe it? within no time we will be singing Christmas carols again. I don’t like them. The Christmas carols. But I like everything else about the jolly season. So friends, before then, we need to strategically plan our days so that when the… Continue reading WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER MAKE RESOLUTIONS



What are you taking time to build? Whatever you constantly feed/build will eventually manifest. That’s why you keep wondering when you are going to stop some bad habits/ addictions. You keep feeding them and get surprised when they grow, blossom and produce fruits! Everything has a foundation, a starting point. The foundation of something, be… Continue reading WHAT REALLY MATTERS!!

From the archives

So I have always loved writing, I enjoy it. It makes me express myself better. I normally feel like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders after writing. Whatever it is. Whether am recording what the Lord has spoken to me in my daily fellowship with Him, or am praying for someone and… Continue reading From the archives


Are there days in your life you feel worthless and insignificant? Are there moments you feel you are an underdog? What about those days you fear to step out of your warm cozy bed? .Do you at times think that you have made many blunders and feel like God is drained of forgiving you? Have… Continue reading ME TOO!